Reduce PDF Size with Mac Preview

I found myself in a bind with a PDF document that was 112 MB in size when I photo copied all my housing papers into PDF files and combined them into one pdf.

cd folder
convert *.JPG papers.pdf

The file was impossible to email or even display in Google Drive due to its sheer size. I have found a work around to make it happen. Open the PDF you want to downsize in the Preview Mac OS X application.

You'll notice that when you go to the file -> export option, you only hav...

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Enable AAC and aptX Bluetooth Codecs on Mac

#1 Download Bluetooth Tools

To start, you'll need to have a developer account, click the link to download the appropriate tool to manage your codec libraries Mac Developer Tools. Search for “Additional Tools for Xcode”, the latest version is 9.0.

Extract the dmg and search for “Bluetooth”. Move it into your Application Folder within your Mac.

Bluetooth Explorer

Run the Bluetooth Explorer and then go to Tools -> Aud...

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