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Heroku Guide


  • heroku login

Create An App

  • heroku create [UNIQUE APP NAME]

Setting ENV Variables

  • heroku config:set [ANY .ENV FILES]

Push To Heroku To Finalize

  • git push heroku master

Setup The Database

  • heroku run rails db:migrate
  • heroku run rails db:seed
  • heroku run rails db:create (Rails 4 and below)

Resetting The Database

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How to Setup a Ubuntu AWS Rails Server

AWS can be a very confusing system to work with, if you don't know much about it. I have researched many guides and manuals online, and never found one that had everything you needed, and didn't make you spend hours searching Google for commands and answers that none of these guides had. This is why I wanted to write a guide on this subject. I have put everything you will ever need to setup an AWS Rails Server here. In this guide, I will show you how to set up the following items:

  • Route ...

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