Chapinka was (no longer active) a university hub in which students could buy and sell their used textbooks and single/married housing contracts with other classmates at their university. The site had several thousand registered accounts using its services.

If you would like to checkout the website, click here. I have created a statistics page located here. The site is currently stale, although accessible.

Current features:

  • Students are able to list their textbooks and single/married contracts.
  • Set alerts to go out daily for textbooks or contracts matching their specified filters.
  • Sellers receive offers via email or chat when a buyer is interested.
  • Emails are proxied to secure sellers information until the seller responds to the email or chooses to give out personal information.
  • Implemented a simple online chat for users -- custom built for the site.
  • Log of all history of previously listed items.
  • Log of received offers and offers made.
  • Monthly reminders via email of active postings.
  • Constructed a Chapinka advertising platform.
  • Integrated Paypal API to make payments.
  • Students are given 2 bumps for free, after which they can purchase more. Payment is then processed via the current platform and then sent to a REST API, which was created to receive the verification request and then automatically increase the users bump count in the database along with sending a reply from Chapinka of a confirmation of payment and confirmation of modified bump count.
  • Autofill feature to save users time while creating posts if the previous information already exists in the system.
  • Created a custom API for an Android App that was in development.
  • Built a forgot password feature along with login and reset security.
  • Integrated Google Maps for housing section.
  • Created a rating system for sellers/buyers to rate each other on interactions. The user's rating is displayed on their personal profile page.

Technologies Used:

  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Apache2
  • Ubuntu
  • OpenSSL